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Unsafe driving behavior is behavior that can endanger the individual driver and other individuals around him.  Safety riding is an effort or program to drive safely to reduce the number of traffic accidents and the impact of traffic accidents.  The purpose of this study is to find out differences in safety riding behavior based on knowledge, driving time, accident history and the role of co-workers for motorcycle taxi drivers based in Ciracas District, East Jakarta in 2023. It is hoped that this research will become a source of information for motorcycle taxi drivers to mutually improve behavior  safety riding.  The sample of this study was 72 motorcycle taxi drivers based on a quantitative approach, the method used was descriptive analytic with a cross sectional design and statistical tests using Chi Square.  The results showed that the percentage of riders who drove unsafely at high risk was 44 motorcycle taxi drivers (61.1%) and there were differences in safety riding behavior based on knowledge (P value = 0.002), accident history (P value = 0.003) and no differences in behavior  safety riding based on the role of co-workers (P value 0.074), driving time (P value 0.219).  It is hoped that fellow ojek riders will remind each other to behave safely when driving and provide information using posters at each ojek base point in Ciracas District


Safety Riding, pengetahuan, peran teman kerja, riwayat kecelakaan dan masa berkendara. Safety Riding, knowledge, role of co-workers, history of accidents and years of driving

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