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Unsafe actions are actions that have the potential to endanger workers or other people, allowing accidents to occur. Unsafe actions can occur due to internal and external factors such as knowledge, attitudes and supervision. This study used a cross sectional analytic descriptive method. The number of respondents in the study were 60 workers and processed with chi-square. For the measurement of unsafe acts, knowledge, attitudes and supervision using a questionnaire sheet. The results showed a relationship between unsafe acts with knowledge (p = 0.040), unsafe acts with attitudes (p = 0.044), unsafe acts with supervision (p = 0.018). A total of 39 respondents (65%) experienced unsafe acts, including 35 respondents (58.3%) with poor knowledge, 40 respondents (66.7%) with negative attitudes and 32 respondents (51.7%) with unsupervision. In order to reduce unsafe actions by workers, the company can make posters about unsafe actions, provide rewards and punishments, and carry out regular field and tool inspections.

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