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Neck pain is a major health problem that will affect quality of life and working conditions. The prevalence of neck pain in the world's adult population is in the range of 16.7% -75.1%. Data in Indonesia for 2021 regarding the incidence of neck pain in the adult population is recorded at around 16.6% annually. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between individual and occupational factors with the level of neck pain complaints among workers at PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama Tbk. Cileungsi Boarding Bridge Unit in 2023. The research sample consisted of 50 workers from 8 departments with quantitative research methods using a cross sectional design and statistical tests using chi square. The questionnaire used is the Neck Disability Index. The results showed that there was a relationship with the p-value of length of service = 0.002, history of illness = 0.000, exercise = 0.014 and awkward positions/postures = 0.001, while the smoking habit variable had no relationship with complaints of neck pain with a p-value = 0.718. The conclusion of this study is that there is a significant relationship between years of service, medical history, exercise and awkward positions/postures with neck pain. The suggestion of this research is to stretch/warm up before work and take a short break at one time during the working hours period and so that workers are always directed and reminded to always carry out routine health checks.

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